Are you an established not-for-profit organization that needs to cut costs because of your tight budget, or are you a brand new firm still waiting for funding? Then you are going to find non profit organization software handy.

These programs help businesses manage day-to-day functions like fundraising, accounting, donor relations, marketing, and more. These programs don’t account for a massive part of your budget. Instead, they have free tools that you can use, and their fees are relatively cheap.

Not-for-profit software is the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and logical means to minimize project waste. In this guide, we’ll share our top favorite non profit organization software that can help you while your brand is still developing.

  • Boomerang.

Boomerang is one of the best non profit organization software for donor database management. This program focuses on helping brands create more substantial donor retention rates and develop strategic donor management plans. 

Boomerang uses the latest technologies to create a user-friendly interface and help your start-up build relationships with donors. Some features boomerang offers include an interactive dashboard, comprehensive reports, and a high-end constituent timeline.

  • DonorPerfect.

This platform is the right resource for you when it comes to fundraising and donor management. DonorPerfect combines the best services and products to cultivate your most valuable relationships.

Some features of this platform include managing constituent contacts, sending personalised communication, and collecting donations and information. One exciting feature about this non profit organization software is its customer care support team, ready to help clients anytime.

  • Neon.

The creators of this platform understand what it means to start a fundraising business, so they designed Neon to meet your specific needs. You can create online forms, engage donors, plan events, track volunteers and get insight from the built-in metrics dashboard with this platform. 

Neon is comprehensive and very easy to use. This platform knows that you might need assistance when using this non profit organization software for the first time. Neon provides you with some tutorial guides to get through any problem encountered.

  • Keela.

Keela is specially designed for charity firms. This non profit organization software is made with intelligent tools for customer relationship management, fundraising, data analytics, and administrative management. 

Their platform focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and convenience while keeping track of your tasks and projects in one place. They merge with other applications like email to allow you to quickly share your progress with your team and track your interactions.

  • Renderosity.

This non profit organization software offers an easy learning system that enables you to educate and train your members, staff, and volunteers. They have great features like training assistance, learning dashboards, and event registration.

Renderosity understands the challenges that you might face when trying to educate your members. So they ensure that all your staffs and volunteers get the same training contents and materials before your next event begins.

Other resources include slack, 360MatchPro, Qgiv, CharityTracker, and Kindful. These non profit organization software help you to improve your company’s activities. We hope you found this guide helpful. We wish you the best.

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